world peace forest STW sustainabilityHi Everybody,
this quick update to say there is The World Peace Forest (Africa) project looking for different kind of workers all related with sustainable tourism field:

1)Seawater agricultural experts.
3)International Press coverage,

Here a little presentation about The World Peace Forest:

The World Peace Forest, a symbol of our desire as a peace-loving people To promote peace and brotherhood worldwide, This forest will be planted In any country in Africa where land and finance is available, we are not businessmen/women but this will be an ethically based investment so as to maintain the project, pls join us.
Eng. Hassouna Max

P.S: this simple idea was actually our late mums who were brutally murdered in Kenya, we dedicate this forest to her and to her former employers the United nation Environmental Program(UNEP)

if you are interested, please contact me or directly Mr Max Hassouna, this is their Facebook group link

Thanks a lot