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Lake Como - Sustainable Tourism World - GravedonaWhere I live: Alto Lario, Northern Lake Como 

Here I would like to better explain where my passion for sustainable tourism comes from.

The place where I was born is to blame!

I am from Lake Como, a very beautiful area of Italy. I am exactly on the northern part of this lake.

The lake is well known because of Clooney’s house in Laglio, or Villa d’Este luxury hotel and congress centre in Cernobbio, or because it is the location of some amazing movie like Star Wars, Ocean’s Twelve and Casinò Royale.

But this is not all, there is another part in the North that is less known. This is where I live and this territory is surrounded by mountains and it’s wilder than the South. Only introducing my territory you can understand why I must believe in and develop sustainable tourism!

My homeland is called Alto Lario and it’s

full of potential interesting to develop sustainable tourism projects. Here you can do many outdoor sports and find two natural reserves:

1. Piano Lake Natural Reserve (Piano lake natural reserve)
2. Pian di Spagna e Mezzola lake natural Reserve


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