I recently discovered the ‘Green Desks’ Initiative, which seeks to help protect one of the most bio-diverse and increasingly threatened areas on the planet namely the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.  The Reserve is home to over 800 species of plants, 124 species of fungi, 550 species of vertebrates and many endangered species like the American Black Bear and the Jaguar.

The Green Desks Initiative is a created by Tiendeo, which is a set of apps and a website that groups together brochures and catalogues from stores in your area and provides all the possible store information you could ever need. Tiendeo are working in collaboration on this initiative with Acciónatura and with the Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda.

Would you like to make your website or blog green(er) you could get involved with the ‘Green Desks’ Initiative! All you have to do is talk about the Initiative – in return Tiendeo and Acciónatura will sponsor one meter squared of Rainforest in the Sierra Gorda in your name!

Green Desk  If you have a Blog or a Website please write a post about the Tiendeo initiative or  place the initiative’s logo of support on your Blog or Website by inserting the  following link: <a href=””http://www.tiendeo.co.uk/eco””><img title=””My” src=””http://www.tiendeo.co.uk/eco/haz-tu-mesa-verde/green-desk/”” alt=””Tiendeo”/></a>

You then have to fill in a form with some very basic information such as your name and a link to your blog or send an email to greendesk@gmail.co.uk. Once you have written a post about the ‘Green Desks’ Initiative you will be placed on the Green Desks Map of the World! For more information and instructions on the ‘Green Desks’ Initiative and how you can get involved and make your desk ‘green’ please