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Valeria Canavesi has been working as a copywriter and creative director in advertising & communication since 1990, for many international and Italian agencies. She is actually Creative Director in Aldo segat Studio, Milano.

Her professional expertise and a true passion for her country – she has been travelling in Italy for many years – allowed her to create the A Riveder le Stelle trademark (literally: To See again the Stars, the last verse of Dante’s Inferno in
the Divine Comedy).

A Riveder le Stelle signs a collection of multimedia ebooks about hidden Italy published in iTunes & iBook Store, the website dedicated to Italian gems, talents, stories and nature and all its social media accounts (Twitter, G+, FB, Medium, Instagram, Pinterest).
Thanks to this activity, Valeria is becoming now an influential blogger about authentic Italy and related themes.

Sustainable Tourism World - blog author : Valeria Canavesi