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If you are looking for new ways to improve your hotel’s customer service, it’s time to use text messaging. Guests are carrying their cell phones everywhere they go, and it’s the most efficient way to reach guests who are staying at your hotel. You can use texting to simply send out a welcome message, share interesting events that are going on in the area, or to remind guests of an upcoming reservation. You will be able to reach your hotel guests quickly, and you will be communicating in a way most guests will prefer.

Show You Care About Your Guests by Being Prepared

Let your guests know you care by asking questions before they even make it to your hotel. Be ready for your guests upon their arrival by asking through text messaging when your guests plan to arrive the next day. You can also ask if you need to arrange a ride from the airport, or what will make the arrival easier for your guests. When you take the time to ask guests what they might need upon arrival, you are on your way to providing excellent customer service.

Get Immediate Feedback from Guests

When you send out a survey for your hotel, you will get the feedback you want right away. You can send out a survey an hour after your guest checks in, asking them to rate the check in process. If your guest gives you a low rating, you can send this information on quickly to a manager so that the customer can be catered to more effectively. If the rating is high, you can send an automated follow up message to your guest requesting that they review your hotel on social media websites.

Tourism tips how to use TEXTING to provide great Service to your GUESTS
Provide Technology Information Right Away

When your guests are using smartphones or other mobile devices, they will need login information to get into your Wi-Fi system. Once a guest is registered at your hotel, a quick text can be sent to provide the login information your guest is likely to ask for. This way, the information is already on their mobile device, and they won’t have to write it down in order to remember.

Offer Last Minute Upgrades to Guests

Your system will know which guests are in your most basic accommodations. If you have discounted upgrades to offer, you can send out a text message to every guest in a standard room offering an upgrade that is deeply discounted. When you have guests who frequent your hotel, they will feel appreciated when they are offered a better room at a discount. Your guest is already enjoying their stay, and this is one way to make their stay even better.

Text Deals for Extended Stays

When your hotel isn’t fully booked, you can send out a text message to current guests to offer an extension on their stay. You can offer a discounted rate for one more night, enticing your guests to extend their vacation a day or so. If you have a customer who can’t take advantage of the deal right now, you can also offer satisfied guests the opportunity to book a room in the future for a discounted rate.

Customers love great customer service. When text messaging is used, you will know where your customer stands every step of the way. You will be able to reach guests during their stay, answering any questions they may have. You’ll also be able to reach out to guests once they leave, offering deals on future stays.

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