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WWW.ARILES.IT – TO ITALY. BEAUTIFUL, STRAIGHT, AUTHENTIC Since three months, there is a new space on the web dedicated to a new kind of tourism in Italy. No clichés, no postcards, no homologation of contents and topics: tells another country, made of hidden gems, true talents, stories and traditions. “Ariles” is the acronymous of A Riveder le Stelle / To see again the stars, the last verse of Dante’s Inferno in his Divine Comedy.
This website leaves behind itself the “hell” of cut&paste news, Italian commonplaces, ordinary contents, going through quality articles and multimedia ebooks dedicated to hidden Italy, written by Valeria Canavesi (sold at iTunes & iBook Store).

Join and come with us to see again the stars. To unveil a wonderful,
sincere, often unknown or forgotten Italy.

See here news about Valeria’s book to Balbianello, Lake Como

Tourism in Italy

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