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tourism in Italy -valeria-canavesiTourism in Italy, Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Welcome in an amazing medieval village of Campo Imperatore Abruzzo.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio is an ancient village made of stone and beauty, lost in the highlands of Campo Imperatore, part of the National Park of Gran Sasso & Laga Mountains, in Abruzzo.

The earthquake of 2009 destroyed much of the place, but its heart never stopped to beat. Paradoxally, its stone beauty is more impactful looking at the hurts left by the seism, which suggest to the tourists to lower their voices and listen to the silence all around.

In these 5 years after the earthquake, a little shop has always been opened, keeping the lights on: the shop Buscella, led by Isabelle D’Alessandro. A brave woman, who did not close the shop despite of all the difficulties and the loneliness after the terrible disaster. Today in the Buscella you can find handmade shawls and bags made of fine Gran Sasso wool,  handmade wooden utensils, jewelry boxes and many other curious things, all limited editions!

Hidden behind a secret passageway inside an opening in the rock, the shop Buscella offers a particular atmosphere to people who stop here: you can buy or not, but surely you can make a unique experience of life. Santo Stefano di Sessanio is a must-see for travellers who love true, hidden Italy. Take note that in the surroundings you can find the beautiful city of L’Aquila, the Hollywoodian set of the castle Rocca Calascio, wild horses and the amazing nature of the highlands.

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