Ceará Aquarium, Brazil. Responsible? Sustainable? Is it at least green?

Ceará Aquarium rendering - Brazil

Is it possible today to continue on developing not responsible, sustainable or even green buildings? I came across this project while reading about tourism in the Northeastern side of Brazil, the Ceará Aquarium is one of the reasons why Gol Airlines has launched a new direct flight: Fortaleza (Brazil)-Buenos Aires (Argentina) 4600 km distance. I am […]

Noosa Biosphere Reserve – Queensland – Sustainable Tourism Australia

What is Noosa Biosphere Reserve? Noosa Biosphere Reserve it was the first Biosphere Reserve in Queensland, it is a perfect hot spot of sustainable tourism Australia. Noosa region was designated Queensland ‘s first Man and the Biosphere (MaB) Reserve by UNESCO in 2007. Its natural beauty, variety and uniqueness make it a true national treasure. […]

Sustainable Tourism – What does it mean for STouW website?

sustainable tourism world logo - STouW

Sustainable Tourism – What does it mean for STouW website? Sustainable Tourism World has a specific opinion about what can be considered sustainable. Most of the time, it is related to the role of  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Sustainable tourism is an approach to tourism, a way to organise and design it, not a kind of […]

South Gambia Foundation – sustainable development in the Gambia

South Gambia Foundation Group - Sustainable Development

South Gambia Foundation is a community based organization in the Gambia, working in sustainable development. The sole aim is to champion and support community based development projects that are actively charting a path towards a more sustainable future in communities. They are trying to support in creating employment, social awareness and cultural encounters in Gambia, […]

Sustainable New York: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and the Ospray Project

Sustainable New York - wildlife refuge - STouW

The wildlife refuge at Jamaica Bay in Queens is part of Gateway National Recreation Area,  one of the few urban National Park Service properties in the country, and the banding operation was spearheaded by the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, a nonprofit group. A special guest of this refuge are the Osprays: large […]

Sustainable New York City: renewable energy Plans

Sustainable New York Staten Island's Freshkills Landfill - STouW

New York City is working to improve its energy consume. There is the possibility right now to generate 20 megawatts of renewable power, now that the city is soliciting bids to build and operate a wind farm and solar power plant there at Staten Island’s Freshkills Landfill. City officials say the project at the closed landfill could generate […]