Flip & Grow – 10th stop of the farm tour: Officinalia and "Pool of Olmi" (Tuscany)

Next stop for Love4Globe during their farm tour: Tuscany. This land is giving them landscapes, colors and very special people. Officinalia is actually a beautiful family full of activities. Every day is full of interesting things to do for our friends Silvia and Toti, they were divided between the honey processing, processing of fruits and […]

Flip & Grow farm tour- 6th stop: Farm Roveroni Annalisa (Emilia Romagna), Italy

Love4Globe is currently stopping the farm tour in the beautiful hills of Val di Taro and they are helping Annalisa and Enzio garden. One not expected experience this time they found theirselves in front of a demanding “work in progress” in the constitution of a laboratory for the bakery, a store and a future community […]

Flip & Grow farm tour – 5th stop: Nun tà de scià (Liguria)

5th stage of the farm tour. Silvia and Toti now are at San Colombano in the beautiful Valle del Chierico (in the Province of Genova) in a mountainous area 20 km from Chiavari. Brunella and Guido were greeted with great enthusiasm and warmth. This country reality is a bit ‘different from the others because it […]

Flip&Grow farm tour – 4th stop: the Green Heart (Piedmont) Italy

Flip&Grow farm tour – 4th - the Green Heart

These days Silvia and Toti are very busy with all the activities of il Cuore Verde (Piemonte) 4th stop of the farm tour. They  are learning a lot of things: canned in oil, the dough for bread and pizza with beer, egg pasta, homemade craft beer, fruit juices, not to mention the work in the garden […]

Ecomuseum introduction

Ecomuseum introduction Eco- Musei / eco-museum  Eco-museums originated in France, the concept being developed by George Henri Rivière and Hugue de Varine, who coined the term ‘ecomusée’ in 1971. The word “éco” is a shortened form of “écologie”, but it refers mainly to a new idea of the holistic interpretation of cultural heritage, in opposition […]

Québec and Albergo Diffuso – English Version

Albergo Diffuso promotion in Canada

Albergo diffuso: An alternative form of hospitality Buildings located in historic areas are given a second life as they welcome visitors eager to learn about and experience local culture. This is the albergo diffuso, an Italian concept that combines the very old with the contemporary. Article from Amelie Racine Concept An albergo diffuso is a […]

Flip&Grow the farm tour – 3° stop: Valtidone Verde (Lombardy) Italy

Love 4 globe Flip & Grow farm tour - 3° stop (4)

The third stage of the farm tour: Flip & Grow! for Silvia e Toti!! near Zavattarello (Pavia), Valtidone Verde, Italy With a very warm welcome, Ludmilla has introduced Silvia and Toti to the whole family and made ​​known the beautiful valley of Zavattarello (Pavia). Here they are in front of a beautiful view and beautiful nature. […]