Albergo Diffuso (AD), sustainable formula for touristic development. A project to Lario’s and Ceresio’s  Valleys

Sustainable tourism thesis 1- Lake Como - Gnallo contest

Albergo Diffuso project, the geographic description from my degree thesis.


The aim of this  dissertation is to give a guideline to develop the “Albergo Diffuso” (AD) project at the  valleys of Lario (Lake Como) and Ceresio (Lake of Lugano).

These areas can be found in the province of Como in Lombardy. To be more precise it is located in the northwestern part of Lake Como, bordered to the north by the province of Sondrio, to the east by the province of Lecco and to the west by Switzerland. This area also includes the eastern shore of Lake Ceresio and Lugano. The municipal agency over which covers this area is the ”mountain community of Lake Como and Lake Lugano Valleys”. The local authority was created in 2009 by the merger of two mountain communities: the Lepontine Alps and the South West Lario.

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