Sustainable tourism thesis 7- Lake Como - Gnallo hamlet
Sustainable tourism thesis – Lake Como – Gnallo hamlet

The overall project proposal was submitted, attached to a short questionnaire to people potentially interested in the Albergo Diffuso project. Everything has been sent to those who actually are available to rent a house or apartment (I found them on various websites, including,, www.eurecasa. com and and the municipalities of the villages selected earlier:

– Homeowners/flats for rent in Grandola (3) and San Siro (1);
– Municipalities of San Siro and Grandola

One of the three homeowners in Grandola preferred not to be involved and the municipality of Grandola has not responded to the questionnaire, so the responses were in total four.
The town and one of three owners responded that they have heard about “widespread hospitality” a second owner claims to be aware even if he never had direct experience.
Three of four respondents, including the municipality, said they could be interested in participating.

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