4 Sustainable tourism thesis: The AD project – first selection

Sustainable tourism thesis 4 - Lake Como - around Gnallo

First selection made following the theory

Following the guidelines, I have just written I created a database that allowed me to select areas of the mountain community of Lake Como and Lake Lugano Valleys most interesting for a proposed AD.

I have chosen to select municipalities with a population of among 500 and 2000 (given the huge number of villages in which they divide countries at these locations), including those which have the highest number of common services. I have considered the locality with at least one restaurant, a bar, a pharmacy, post office, a grocery store on site. I, however, declined to consider the municipalities with the highest number of services, since the hotel was created to help the area to grow.

From this first selection three localities seem to be interesting two on Lake of Como: San Siro and Musso; one located between Lake of Como and Lake of Lugano: Grandola ed Uniti.

All three towns are which to build the tourist image of the village and are also located in a very beautiful and attractive tourist for the presence of both the lake and mountains.

  • San Siro in the locality Rezzonico presents a very peculiar and characteristic medieval village overlooking the lake and in a quiet state with respect to the queen;
  • Musso has got ruins of the ancient castle Medeghino;
  • Grandola finally has got the ancient and majestic oak named Rogolone, located in Codogna locality.

Of course, these things will be essential to develop the tourism system to operate the Albergo Diffuso.

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