Sustainable tourism thesis: on-site verification (AD project)

I have checked:
• The real existence of a village well-defined than the rest of the country
• Presence of abandoned houses for sale or rent in the village area
• Presence of hotels, campsites, BB, townhouse or apartment (which may also be interested in joining the AD or the AD to be managers)
• Presence of services in the borough

sustainable tourism thesis 5 Gnallo

The most interesting villages are Grandola and San Siro both made up of several hamlets. The town of Musso does not have a defined historic center and even the minimum services to host the AD, for which the proposal has focused on two other municipalities. A Grandola is potentially suitable for the location Cardano, while San Siro fraction Rezzonico.

Cardano in Grandola has a well-defined corresponding with the entire town and village has a really interesting rural.
Rezzonico has an important peculiarity: it is a well-defined locality than the rest of the town, directly on the lake nears the ruins of a beautiful castle. The village has an internal hotel-restaurant-pizzeria and a bar, it also includes a pier. Leisure activities include walking along the old road (now protected from the state), water sports and mountain trips.

Each one is potentially possible to design a diffused hotel, which the Board gave the small size of the countries and the beauty and peculiarity of these places.

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