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sustainable tourism thesis 8- Lake Como - Gnallo

An Albergo Diffuso project is the popular choice for locations that (as the valleys of Lake Como and Lake Lugano) wish to become sustainable destinations showing their guests the peculiarities which are marked. Use this new and innovative formula of hospitality (which works well in Italy because of a large number of small countries from which the state is made) can, in fact, increase beds without building new buildings, but simply renovating it.

This proposal is suitable for places that have much to show to the visitors: beautiful landscapes, traditions, and culture, but at the same time, they must be protected. You must make sure that it allows those who live in these places to continue to do so and let people who want to visit do it, so it is important to use the resources but not exploit it in an uncontrolled manner.

Moreover, these places are often faced with problems of depopulation, due to lack of job opportunities and professional growth. Even in this fact AD may help: recovering and repurposing traditional jobs as fishers, farmers, and peasants but also proposing a diversification of the economy with increased tourism development linked to the territory.
A project of the AD, such as this one, has the objective to transform a simple location into a tourist destination and tourist destination in sustainable tourism destination, which is why it is perfectly in line with the strategy of development which started in 2007 in the valleys of Lake of Como and the Lake of Lugano. This is one of the paths is possible to follow to get the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.

The Albergo Diffuso project can also help spread the valleys of Lake Como and Lake Lugano to be named and remembered by the media. These projects are followed by the population that is more attentive to issues such as sustainability and the environment, this formula is acquiring great importance in the European and Italian media and has been included in some guides as well as in articles of American newspapers.

In a global context in which it is recognized the need for change towards a more sustainable way of life, privileged territories such as the area of the valleys of Lake Como and Lugano should give an example of development with sustainable tourism projects.

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