Sustainable Tourism Lake Como

Today I’d like to share with you the post I have written for Visit Gravedona, the tourism operators association on Lake Como, some suggestion how to do sustainable tourism in Italy.

Bellagio – Lake.
I am going to share a secret with you. Very often people asks how to get to Bellagio and what to do in Bellagio – Lake Como, here is a suggestion
n about how to get there by public transport and what to visit. 

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Gravedona – Hiking on the mountains around the town. How to discover the most hided and precious Italy? Hiking the mountains of Lake Como area, following Sonya’s trip.

Two weeks ago I was working online and I found a comment about Italy in a community I manage on Google+ ( visiting Lake Como), from Sonya who is from California (USA).
I asked what was the best experience she had on Lake Como here is her answer: walking from Gravedona to Livo (1.5 hour walk) for lunch. Enjoyed the most amazing meal at Saint Anna and feeding the fish with the chef/owner who was incredibly nice. The food is out of this world & worth the walk. You can drive but we choose to walk.
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Typical products of Lake ComoWhere to taste the flavour of Lake Como? Discover our typical products. Have you ever heard about typical products of Lake Como? They are slightly different from Valtellina, but many of them are in common and the two cookeries have influenced each other.

Typical products of 
Lake Como:
Chees: Caprino (goat cheese), Formaggio Lariano, Lariano di Capra (goat cheese), Semuda, Zincarlin
Fish: Lake fish; the very famous Missoltino (Agone)
Oil:  Extra vergine Oil
HoneyHoney from Lario
WinesWine IGT “Terre Lariane”
Fruit: Chestnuts from LarioSmall Fruit
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