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Sustainable tourism in the Gambia with Gam – Excursion is a small locally owned organisation in the Gambia.

Sustainable tourism in Gambia

Bully Jaiteh is telling us about his organizations: Gam – Excursion.  It involves in the offering of the community-based excursion, guiding service, homestays, cooking and dancing classes in our Gambia cultural encounter and traditional society experience to both independent travellers and groups tourist. The sole aim of Gam- Excursion is promoting sustainable and responsible tourism best practices in Gambia, achievement of which has been highlighted by offering our excursions which surely benefits the local people, preserving their culture and as well appeals to the natural environment.

We offer home-stay experience through which tourist came in direct encounters with the local people and have a firsthand experience about the daily routine life of the local communities through which some of the tourism ends of as volunteers by involving in community services like teaching and other projects.

We offer job opportunities for local peoples and training services in the best of interest of the communities in becoming local guides. Our entire excursion has special percentages to support local projects in communities basically directed towards supporting early childhood education, environmental conservation, and awareness programs.

We tailored our tours through the uses of the sustainable mode of transport from local people, biking and walking tours are all offered to minimize the tourist effect on the natural environment.

Another activity we do is Gambia cultural encounter & traditional society experience, this tour makes a difference because it helps to generate income to the local people and it enhances the linkages between tourism businesses and poor people.

Tourism’s contribution to poverty reduction is increased and poor people are able to participate more effectively in product development and this tour also will help to generate local economy because the places we visit will earn them something that can improve their daily standards.

Bully Jaiteh

For more info: Gam – Excursion Facebook Page and  Gam website!