Albergo Diffuso project proposal

My proposal for Codogna location (town of Grandola) and Rezzonico (town of San Siro ) was designed after analyzing and understanding the situation of AD currently recognized.

sustainable tourism thesis 6 Gnallo


Features in common of the AD answered to my questionnaire are:
• Type of company: private company generally;
• Funding rarely used;
• Availability to include more ecological measures as soon as possible;
• Ecological initiatives already were undertaken

The proposal:
1. form a partnership among property owners (they can be: second-home owners (those with shares of property or buildings available integer), but also owners of bed and breakfast, a holiday with beds, rooms for rent), public bodies and operators in the tourism sector.

2. The partnership purchase and/or owns the housing units. It renovates and arranges them to reach hotel standards. In addition, some owners may decide to let the company manage their properties.

3. The company’s objective is to ensure an economic return to shareholders become a landmark of local tourist.
– The tasks of the company are:
manage housing units as a classic hotel with services: reception, housekeeping, breakfast;
– engage and manage the land, create partnerships with restaurants, sports, cultural, tourist guides, organizing events (internal and external);

4. Coordination among the structures: who is a hospitality provider and do not want to be part of the AD may still be involved in the project as an outside consultant to bring its experience in tourism operator.

5. Coordinate the area: it’s crucial that created widespread hotels represent a wider territory of their municipality, becoming a true landmark of the whole tourist area of the valleys of Lake Como and Lake Lugano, which is why you need to create a single company that deals of both popular hotels.

6. Ideas that should be pursued:
– Reorganize the street cleaning, maintenance, and cleaning of the playground, picnic areas, and sidewalks;
– Install a greater amount of garbage bins and differentiated with the space provided for cigarettes to decrease the frequency of cleaning with employees.
– Open more tourist offices, or equip disadvantaged areas of information kiosks;
– To offer free wi-fi in accommodation
– Create a portal area (project in progress by the mountain community)
– The hotel must have spread information material: books, magazines, tourist guides, maps and charts, films shot in the territory or lakes Como and Lugano, books set in the territory;
– Host local experts or less for refresher courses on various topics: the history and traditions, myths and legends, flora and fauna, ecology, etc. open to all, even in English if we want to involve tourists
– The menus of restaurants should use local products;
– Tasting of typical products in restaurants during the low season;
– The hotel must provide spread to craftspersons, farmers and hunters space where they can present their products;
– All facilities should use energy-saving measures and recyclable material (project in progress by the mountain community);
– Request to expand the number of runs for the hardest to reach places, at least in the period between April and October, also consider the lake transportation.
– Establish a shuttle (by dividing the costs among all the structures) to provide a transfer service from Colico minimum, Menaggio, Porlezza and Lugano;
– Prioritizing the cleaning of footpaths and signs of mountain trails;

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