Sustainable Tourism World map

Welcome to Sustainable Tourism World map!! Here you can find information about dissertations, projects, ideas and communities about tourism, sustainable tourism, sustainable development, from all over the world!

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Green: Itineraries, walking tours, hiking suggestions
Yelllow: Guided tours eco but with cars and private transports

Light Blue: Eco/ Green/ Sustainable accommodation
Blue: renovations projects of accommodation

Red: Travel Agents, Tour operators & other tourism business
Purple: Events & Conferences

Green star*: No profit organisations
Light Blue-star*: no profit or government projects
Orange star*: thesis, studies & research

Lilla rhombus: General information about the Countries

The countries on STouW website

Asia: India, Indonesia, Borneo
Africa: Gambia, Uganda 
America: USA, Brazil
Europe: Bosnia, Spain, UK,
Oceania: Australia

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