South Gambia Foundation Group - Sustainable Development South Gambia Foundation is a community based organization in the Gambia, working in sustainable development.

The sole aim is to champion and support community based development projects that are actively charting a path towards a more sustainable future in communities.

They are trying to support in creating employment, social awareness and cultural encounters in Gambia, environmental protection and conservation by creating a sustainable way to health, education, environment and improved livelihood.

The organization gives people a real taste of Africa in Gambia, for a real life experience in search of hospitality, cultural encounters, information guide, accommodation, local taxi, attraction in Gambia, environmentally we embarks on cleansing exercise , the initiative is geared towards keeping the environment clean for healthy living among young people and society at large.

In our quest to nurture young people for behavioural change in our society, we offer character education to the young people.

South Gambia Foundation - sustainable development


Cross- cultural encounters are also offered by us, where we bring the gap between people of diverse cultures to come together and share about each other’s unique cultural diversity making the world a global village. Part of environmental conservation is the initiative of bring-up of Jalisut bee-keeping centre and outreach program to local horticultural garden sensitizing local women about sustainable practises.

thanks to the founder Omar A.J Saho who gave us information

Bully Jaiteh, (author of the article)

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