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Good news! my survey project has continuing. Dyfi Biosphere_Mach

Today I finished both two questionnaries! the first is for visitors and I tryed to understand what they want to do when they are here, what they are expecting, what is important for them, if they want do sustainable tourism, if they know what is sustainable tourism. I create a questionnaire that can help to understand which are tourist of the Dyfi biosphere and can they be more satisfied.
the second questionnaire is for al the busnesses connected with the Biosphere and visitors: I ask information about what businesses do for improve their position for the planet and what they think the visitors want.

Another project I began is about ecomuseum: that is an ecomuseum is a museum focused on the identity of a place, largely based on local participation and aiming to enhance the welfare and development of local communities.
I started to explain what is and this week I’m going to verify if will possible and useful create an ecomuseum for this Biosphere.