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Uganda by Pioneer Express Safaris Pioneer Express Safaris is operating in East Africa and offers a variety of service and the best safaris for a perfect sustainable tourism offer.

We offer Tourism services to your desired destinations around East Africa Arranging transportation ,pick up and drop service from and to the airport , conducting research for groups and company retreats, business meeting, conferences, We specialize in Walking, Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Expedition, Rafting, Canoeing, Bungee Jumping , Wildlife Safaris, Incentive Travel, Hotel/Lodge /Resort/home stay Bookings, Cultural activities, Honeymoon Luxury Lodge Safari, Bird watching, Car Hire. And our staff is also able to give professional advice to travelers with regards to where to go sightseeing, engage in adventure & sports, what to eat and drink.

Uganda is one of the African countries endowed with a lot of natural resource vital in the tourism industry of the country. The valid biodiversity that attracts over 56% Tourist arrivals . It is best described by Winston Churchill as the “Pearl of Africa”.

Perhaps the most suitable description for a country so endowed with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small, but stunning destination. Situated in the heart of Africa and being astride the Equator gives Uganda the best climate all year round. Uganda is also home to the highest mountain ranges in Africa- the Rwenzoris. It is in Uganda that the World’s longest river “The Mighty Nile” starts its 6700km journey to the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile River is renowned for its unique rapids which rafters find very exciting. Adventure seeking tourists have unlimited options when it comes to the Nile River. In the wake of the booming tourism industry, Uganda went ahead and developed the best spot for stunt jumping in the whole world along River Nile.

The beauty of Uganda extends far beyond for instance; the scenery is so striking and picturesque. Have been gazetted in the ten National Uganda: Murchison falls by Pioneer Express Safaris parks including: Murchison falls the largest National park crossed by the mighty River bile. Queen Elizabeth 2nd largest, kibale National park the world’s leading primate destination,Bwindi and Mgahinga famous for Gorilla tracking,kidepo valley, Rwenzoori , Semliki and lake Mburo with 13 game reserves sanctuaries and Zoos.


[toggle title=”Tourism introduction”]  Holiday weather all year around, Bad weather is a quality unknown in this parts; it feels like summer every day in Uganda. Never too hot, never too cold, balance is just right. And you will love it.

ISLANDS AND BEACH RESORTS & HOTELS 8-Ssese Islands, used and often abused, we’ll ask that you excuse the cliche “perfect get away”,because in truth, there is no better way to describe these islands on lake Victoria. Lodge Inside the Mabira, A lodge right inside a forest” how cool can that be” how about having a wild for your neighbor hood, at the Rainforest Lodge inside the forest. City hotels and lodges , homesteads and guest houses as well as safari camps and Bandas

Boda-boda, part of the kick in taking a boda boda ride about town derives from the uncertainty the ride carries. This motor cycle taxi will get you any where, any time in no time. A good way to beat the traffic jam, and get to your rendezvous on time and hopefully, in one piece…

Go bungee Jumping, life on the wild side and without breaking any laws. You can only do this if you try out this enthralling adventure at the bujagali, but be sure it will send a chill down your spine speed boat, rafting running sport biking, gyms , football and golf .


[toggle title=”Eco-tourism and wildlife”] Uganda is a beautiful country everybody should visit for many reasons.

Uganda by Pioneer Express Safaris gorilla Track the Mountain Gorillas is an example, this endangered species-less than 700 survive in Bwindi National Park and the Virunga Mountains .With 95% of their genes bearing semblance to those of humans, they are genetically one of the closest primates to Human beings. the pursuit of this gentle giants is sure to thrill.

Game Parks Galore;
With the kind of  parks available in Uganda, every village could be a national park. Lake Mburo National is the only National park to contain an entire lake, and is the park closest to Kampala.
– If it is the giant forest hog or Uganda Kob you are into, then the Queen Elizabeth National Park is your place.
Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Mgahinga is one of the two places Uganda for gorilla viewing, but the gorillas in this park move between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda and are not always view able. Never the less the gorilla permits are cheaper here than Bwindi, the other Park with a collection of gorillas.
Kibale Forest National Park
With over 13 species of primates, Kibale is a must visit.The park also boosts the large community of wild Chimpanzees.
Kidepo National Park has the answers to all the question, that bird enthusiast might pose, as it wonderfully makes up for the challenges it poses in accessibility with its variety of wildlife, especially bird life.

Kidepo Valley National Park situated in the North Eastern Uganda extreme corner and bordering Sudan and Kenya has tour activities and attractions that consist of game drives, cultural visits to kraals and Karimajong homes called the Manyatas, scenery viewing of the gently sloping savannah grasslands and nature walks among others. The park comprises of the rolling savannah grassland and rugged magnificent mountain scenery. Accessing the park can be by road or by Air from Entebbe or Kampala. Kidepo is among the wildest, original African parks in Africa, giving an astonishing experience of nature and game viewing.

Murchison Falls National Park. Very impressive, this park Murchison falls National park is covered by mostly untamed savanna. It constitute a point at which the Nile burst out into a white water rage, all the way to the bank where the buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos and waterbucks take it easy for close up viewing.

Uganda by Pioneer Express Safaris: lionIf you would like visiting the wild, but have very limited time to travel upcountry, where most of the wild reserves and National parks are, don’t worry! The National Forest Authority recently declared 11 forest reserves as Eco-tourist site including Mbaira forest reserve and all this are within 55 Km more or less outside the capital city.
Mount Elgon National Park, the 4th highest mountain in Africa is one of for the adventurous climber.Mt Elgon is an extinct volcano with magnificent waterfalls, caves, gorges and hot springs. Mountain Elgon is seated in Eastern Uganda is an incredibly a striking place for a trip, with its amazing great Sipi falls. There is a camp built around a croft-like house originally built as a Governor’s retreat, on a rock face directly overlooking the mesmerizing the Sipi Falls and the Karimajong plains. Visit the source of the Nile, fancy checking out the point where the worlds longest river starts? prepare for a journey to Jinja an hour from Kampala city Center and you are there! Variety on the Victoria

The world’s tropical lake offers more than just beautiful Islands. For one its good enough a sight to take in for water shy, but the temptation to try and catch some Nile perch could turn out too great to turn down, as could that sail on its serene waters. Catch some fish, with a third of the country covered by water, Uganda offers a wonderful opportunity for those keen on sports fishing. What are you waiting for?

Avi Tourism
Uganda us host to such a wide variety of birds; there are no less than 1000 bird species available for your optical nourishment. Forest birding savannah habits are distributed around Uganda including , Mabira, kibale ,mpanga forest, Bwindi, kibale , semuliki etc


Uganda is not a wild park whose only attraction is the lions and chimpanzee, giraffes, zebras and ostriches- which we do have and adore terribly- it is a country whose people make it what you see and feel when you are in it. A country filled with so much color and egency and love,its contagious.

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