I finally start to deliver the visitor questionnaire!! I am asking businesses to help me doing this, that means only hand out sheets of questions.. or send them the link of the online one!!

Here the link: http://northdevonbiospherereserve.limequery.com/12951/lang-en

Please fill it only if you have been in North Devon during this e as a visitor, otherwise, just have a look. I found limequery website after a very long search, it seems to be really useful and complete with everything you could need creating an online questionnaire! The others I tried were very simple, or the number of questions available for the free of charge version really not enough.

I made also a printer version of it because I am trying to get visitors been in North Devon during the past months but also the ones who are still here.

ND sustainable tourism VISITORS v22 (link to be added)

This one should be printed out and hand out to visitors.

In the beginning, I thought to do also the businesses questionnaire but I discovered with pleasure that somebody else is creating it, I am in touch with this organization and we are going to make an exchange: they will use into their businesses questionnaire some of my questions, I can also add others questions about next studies I will start to work on, such as Ecomuseum or widespread museum, Albergo Diffuso and new tourism sectors for the North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve.

So the Visitor survey will be one of the start points to present to the businesses around North Devon Biosphere Reserve