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Hi Everybody,

I’ve almost finished my thesis about Albergo diffuso, the italian one, but there are things I cannot write because my prof thinks are ideas to much ambitious and the tourism minestry has got others problem to solve before, so I though I can express here my opininon.

My ideas are about how improve the sustainability of Albergo Diffuso hospitality!!

I’ve sent a questionnars to 40 Albergo Diffuso and I recived answers from 19. I have got interesting answers and my proposal for inclusion of environmental criteria has undergone some changes compared to how it was conceived prior to this study on the reality of the hotels.

The ecological criteria in question should be added gradually in the Albergo Diffuso by following a few steps, the first not to be mandatory (as I had initially thought to propose) but be clear and obvious recognition of the efforts made by certain structures. I would suggest the association can establish a prize for the three structures more eco-friendly. This is an effective method to achieve three objectives:

– Bring out the realities more virtuous, and make them known publicly acknowledge their merits;
– Give importance to the ecological side of sustainability, the side that is not considered related to the philosophy model by some hotel;
– Allow  to present the association and structures abroad as a true unit made in Italy, sponsored by the state and not by individual regions. This can be achieved by involving other tourism associations with similar philosophies of life, institutions and possibly also the ministry of tourism, together with the public sector at national level.

The prize must have clear guidance on what will be considered for judging structures, such as which will be the initiatives, the timeframe in which to send requests to join, what will be the awards.

…if you are curious to know more about it, just wait next time…

Bye Sara


The requirements that should be observed:

Verify the habit of personnel and business owners within the scope (2 points):

– use of recycled paper,

– eco cartridges,

– purchase products from suppliers certified and verified,

– separate collection of different kinds of household waste,

– information on the hotel environmental policy,

– information about the opportunity to reach the hotel using public transport,

– need to establish the level of consumption,

– food products according to the principles of zero km,

– biodynamic agriculture and fair trade whenever possible,

– do not use disposable products (if not required by law),

– information boards to explain the hotel’s environmental policy in particular: set courtesy ecologically, washing towels, turning off lights, air conditioner, television and electronic devices, battery charger, computer, toilet trash, an indication wi-fi collection, choose local products),

– business cards on recycled paper,

– information on location,

– environmental questionnaires,

– providing free wi-fi for guests.

Check simple tricks to make the property more environmentally friendly (3 points):

– the sink filters,

– fluorescent bulbs,

– energy class A,

– change towels and bed linen,

– purified water dispensers,

– double  toilet drain,

– waste suitable for recycling in the rooms,

– composting of organic waste,

– waste oils and fats,

– waste printing,

– right dose of the disinfectant for swimming pools,

– gardens and organic gardens,

– mechanical cleaning when possible,

– to organize courses in crafts and local cuisine,

– environmental training courses,

– organize visits to protected areas and / or cultural activities with public or private,

– have bicycles for guests

– to use reusable

Make important changes in the eco-friendly hotel (5 points):

– radiant heating in floors and walls,

– heating and air conditioning with programmable thermostat,

– auto shut off lights in guest rooms when the guests are going out,

– auto-off outside lights when necessary,

– automatic shut-off air conditioning when windows are open,

– temperature controlled independently in the rooms,

– all appliances have an energy efficiency class A,

– adoption of a waste compactor,

– filters for the purification of the provide guests courtesy ecological set.

Building and structural control measures to ensure that the building has got a minor impact on the environment (10 points):

– photovoltaic systems,

– windpower or heat pumps for energy from renewable sources,

– painting done with paints and varnishes equipped with the Community eco- ecological brand

– insulation of windows,

– insulation of refrigerators

– air conditioners.

My suggestion is to establish a prize each year for 5 years, after this time it will be able to start the second phase of my proposal.

It’s enought for today!! See you soon!!



Step 2: Collect in a subset, defined as “widespread ecological hotels”, the structures that have presented in the previous five years the greatest increase in green initiatives in. Under this name may be added also the structures that will prove to have satisfied all the minimum requirements to be defined according to the indications of sustainable “Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.”

Step3: The third and final phase of the proposal provides for the mandatory inclusion of environmental requirements in the definition of “Albergo diffuso”. A definition that will evolve over time to accommodate the existing tourism markets: sustainable, environmentally responsible and green.

At this stage it is important to be able to maintain the status of hotel facilities by incorporating existing lanterns with green lanterns, reporting the degree of commitment and initiative ecological company.

stay tuned!


P.S. This is my ideal kind of hospitaly and I would like suggest this behaviour and those ideas to the national association of Albergo Diffuso!!

what you think about it?

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