Love4Globe We are happy to introduce Love4Globe, a movement to promote the decrease happy, self-production and self-sufficiency in the context of a sustainable life.

The mission of “Local Action Global reaction” comes from the need to become protagonists of a possible change, originated from everyday actions careful and aware of the benefit of the planet.

Love4Globe promotes environmental protection and critical consumption, through tutorials for the self, eco-tips, creative recycling ideas and proposals for free travel volunteer in Costa Rica and Italy, to spread a sustainable way of life that respects the environment and local communities of our planet.

Love4Globe is a fantastic project and everyone should know it!
Love4Globe was born from the passion of Silvia and Toti more or less in the same period of STW. Silvia has been one of the first people to see the birth and development of STW and one of the first to tell from the start of my experience in the workplace.


This article is written about my experience in Wales, experience during which the idea of ​​”Sustainable Tourism World” started to become real.

Sara’s experience at the Dyfi Biosphere Reserve

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