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The Piano Lake natural reserve is one of the protected areas of the Lombardia Region and is recognised as a Site of Communitarian Importance by the European Union.

The office are seated in the small town of Carlazzo, near the lake named Lago di Piano

It boasts a remarkably varied ecosystem , where different habitats coesixt closely. The Reserve presents, within its boundaries, a true and complete synthesis of the surrounding landscape. There are also many well-preserved evidences of man’s local history, for example the high-medieval rural hamlet of Castel S.Pietro.

Many arboreal and floral species can be found in the marsh with abundance of common and rare ones. The fauna counts over 130 different bird species and several mammals.

The charming park is set against the uncultivated slopes of Mt Calbiga. Towering over the lake, Mt Calbiga can be considered a true ‘green lung’ that due to its scarce human population, guarantees shelter and space to all species, animal and vegetal.

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visiting Lake Piano - Italy


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