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In the last years, attention to rural and environmental issues is grow up. According to sustainable use of resources, it is possible to generate assets through rural holiday or slow tourism. A need to estrange by city life that’s in great demand. Here an analysis of its effects.

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Today, rural tourism is growing through opportunities range that complies to market demand in natural, cultural, rural and food and wine fruitions.  Rural communities trust in tourism economy to branch out rural district and to revitalize local development. This interest is coming up to community (mainly young and female) involvement, a very important topic for medias and consumers because that always seems a less profitable but really multifunctional model.

The relation between tourism and rural development is split and     articulate at the same time. Resources belong to environment, society, culture, humanity, nature and economy used by various contexts and consumers’ choices. First of all, it’s very important to distinguish rural tourism by rural areas. At the first, various form of activities in direct contact with rural resources. For example, in the Marche Region, rural tourism is a “regional joint of tourism offer composed by sport, local services, food and wine, hospitality, use of natural and cultural assets in existing traditional and local buildings located outside of cities or in rural villages as defined by existing planning instruments” (LR 3/2002, art.21). Instead, tourism in rural areas is a same independent forms by needs of tourists, uses and buildings. So, in Italian regions rural tourism is a potential tool at the same time with rural economy that’s linked to exploitation of local resources.Rural village in the Marche Region

For this cause, agricultural multi-functionality is a new answer to change social needs.  Factory farm chip in food production, natural resource’s protection, local employment and sustainable development. Instead, farm holiday is an activity that’s integrated with agriculture used by company and services to tourism purposes. Tourism in the farm combines various aspects such as added products value and  wealth through enhancement of built heritage. Actually the aim focuses on quality and variety of offering, training farmers and national promotion of tourism products. In Tuscany Region, for example, rural tourism is a economic development engine ( it’s open a new production, maintains traditions, it’s open new market spaces and local craft primes the pump to marketing strategies that presents Tuscany as high quality and authentic region. Nevertheless, the farmer gives up agricultural production to put effort into farm factory with anonymous agriculture that will not draw tourists.

Therefore, if there isn’t a connection between agricultural activities and transformation of food and tourism sectors, there will be rural development planning’s failure. A no good souvenir for tourist, who looking for an authentic holiday.

This is not the best moment to look for a job in the classical tourism sector in Italy  “agriturismo” or agritourism or farm houses, are working hard right now, but I’d like to give you some ideas of the jobs you could find in internet right now.

  1. Agritourism complex needs a new owner or manager in Sicily
  2. Housekeeper  for an agritourism in Tuscany (2 months contract)
  3. Receptionist for an agritourism in Tuscany – Tenuta del Fontino with English and German


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