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Hello, today I am happy to share my latest article for Tourforce about Italia che cambia and Betulla Network.

Italia che cambia, meaning Italy that is changing, is a new initiative born from the journalist Daniel Tarozzi who wanted to tell the world about a different Italy, the Italy that is changing its habits and developing new ways of business, the Italy that is sustaining itself even economically thanks to a new approach more sustainable, more responsible, more local-based.

One of the most important examples in the tourism sector is Viaggi e miraggi (travels and mirages).

Read the full article here (it is the last one among International Correspondent).

Italia che Cambia

Other new initiatives are starting almost everyday, such as Betulla Network – Natural Business Intelligence. Betulla network (Birch Network) is a start-up located in Tuscany, Italy.

Betulla Network is  a group of consultants and facilitators working together inspired by nature (biomimicry) to  provide to organisations, businesses and professionals the best assistance to develop skills, projects and products. I joined the group because I found it innovative and interesting,

The expertise the group is offering are very different but include:

  • project design
  • biomimicry
  • communication (online and on the ground)
  • website building
  • video making
  • sustainable tourism design and strategy

Betulla Network - Natural Business Intelligence

Further information:
Italia che Cambia
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Betulla Network – Natural Business Intelligence

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