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How to write a blog post – Short guide line

Access the website through your details.
Once inside have a look at the menu on the left. Please click on “post” and “add new”.

see the guide lines about how to write the content of the post if you need to.

To add photos please click “add media”, change title and click “insert into post”

To add a feature photo (the best you have, the one going to be showed on social media and links) please after “add media” click “set featured photo”.

Otherwise while writing the post look on the right side, there you will find the label “set featured photo” after the tags label.

Save a draft (click the button on the right), if you want to see a preview see on the publish label.

As author you are not able to publish directly, you need an editor or admin to confirm and publish, the editor will also take care of the SEO and will make sure every media is corrected linked.