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Every day millions of email, files, photos, even videos are shared through internet. This way to work and read is considered greener than the classical way of reading a book. There is no need to print every single file or send thousands of letters. The truth is that even the internet world produces a huge amount of greenhouse gases. The positive news is that there are ways to become green (er) using internet.

It is very important to be aware about what we are doing, even the website you are reading is a generator of greenhouse gas, this is the reason why I am always looking for the best projects to at least compensate the pollution I produce while sharing with the world my ideas about sustainability and responsibility. I found Green Desk that is free for small websites and blogs the Green desk initiative. The range of carbon offset programs includes opportunities for every kind of business and website. Two of the most well-known are the British and the Italian Zero Impact web by Lifegate.

This inforgraphic from custom made in partnership with Ghergich & Co can help you reduce the pollution in your daily use of internet, making you a green (er) user.

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Carbon Footprint of the Internet

Carbon Footprint of the Internet
Infographic by CustomMade