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Hello Everybody, sustainable tourism in northeast of India could be the immersion in the local culture, mr Spafford Ackerly is going to tell you about his program in the Himalaya: Himalayan Connections.

sustainable tourism in India: Himalayan_Connections

Cultural immersion in the Himalaya of northeast India, with Village treks, School visits, Yoga and meditation retreats, Homestays, and Individual Projects. We are a small program with strong local connections in Himalayan communities. Spectacular setting, relaxed environment, friendly locals (many English speaking), rugged and remote (few foreigners), culturally diverse, and politically stable. The region is a ‘sacred land’, a biodiversity hotspot, and a pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists. Our programs can be custom tailored to student interests.

Sustainable tourism in India: Himalayan_Connections cultural immersion

Our cultural immersion program in the Himalaya of northeast India is a mixture of group and individually tailored experiences: trekking, school visits, homestays, yoga and meditation, and media projects. Spectacular setting, friendly locals, relaxed environment, customized opportunities.
Explore Himalayan cultures, religions, and environments in the ‘Hidden Land’ of Sikkim, via individually tailored small-group adventures. Join cross-cultural exchanges through service, internships, homestays, and schools programs. Nurture yourself physically and mentally through yoga, meditation, and mindful travel. We offer gap year, internship, mindful travel, and educational exchange programs.

Sustainable tourism in India_ Himalayan Connections

Responsible, Sustainable Travel
We use a three-tiered sense of responsibility, “outer”, “inner”, and “hidden” (see

Outer responsibilities are embodied in our responsible travel policy
Our practices represent a sense of responsibility to others and to the world. To be responsible in an outer way is to be respectful of others and the environment.

Inner responsibilities are to recognize the emotional basis for our travels: At its core, travel is an inner exploration as much as an outer exploration – we often travel in search of meaning, or of connection, or out of a longing to push boundaries and limits – travel for youth can be a rite of passage, or a longing for adventure – responsible travel requires that we recognize our motivations.

Hidden responsibilities represent more deeply latent tendencies, and the purity of our heart and intentions. Mindfulness, born out of meditation, addresses inner proclivities related to anger, violence, desire, consumption, etc.

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