green With an app for food waste PareUp

PareUp wants to change the world, as WE want to. How can we be green just using an app? How can an app do that? PareUp connects its users with restaurants and grocery stores to buy excess product, avoiding, in this way, huge food waste.

Apparently, this New York-based app developer aims to prevent food waste by letting its users connect with restaurants and grocery stores to buy excess product before it’s thrown away. The mobile app will be available on Apple Store by mid-September.

PareUp’s platform helps stores and cafés make money by selling products that they could not donate anyway, either because of food safety regulations or because they don’t meet the minimum weight required to arrange a pickup with a food bank or shelter.
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How to be green? With an app for food waste

In my opinion this app is a great idea that would make easier to reduce food waste for everybody.


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