Sustainable Tourism_Rogolone Oak in Grandola Lake Como

Grandola, the second stop of the cycle path between Lake Como and Lake Lugano.

Like many others on lake Como, the town of “Grandola and United” is made up of six localities: Cardano (one of the two locations chosen to host the Albergo Diffuso in my thesis project), Codogna (home of the municipal offices and the Val Sanagra Ethnography and Nature Museum at the prestigious villa Camozzi and The Rogolone) Gonte, Grona, Naggio (locations considered for the project Albergo Diffuso developed by my thesis) and Velzo.

The Rogolone is a centuries-old majestic oak (Quercus petraea) 25 meters high with a canopy of 30 meters and with a trunk circumference of 7.5 meters.  The oak has been included among the 150 Italians trees of great historical and monumental surveyed by the State Forestry Corps.

Here is possible to visit also the very interesting Val Sanagra Ethnography and Nature Museum, established in Villa Camozzi. This 18th-century villa houses an educational centre with exhibits dedicated to local palaeontology, fauna, flora and ethnography. The most important and exhaustive of these exhibits gives an overview of the valley and describes its geomorphology, its footpath network and its ecological composition.