Flip & Grow farm tour: La Tribù delle Noci Sonanti, Italy

This time is Silvia speaking:

“What can I say: come to this place was literally like going out of the world!
Fabrizio for over twenty years has created here his “tribe” or a community that seeks to evoke the lifestyle of the indigenous tribes.
To choice live without electricity, gas, plumbing and therefore without any kind of comfort normal (there is a bathroom, a shower, a fridge, etc..)
These few days of total abstinence from modernity made ​​us rediscover the beauty and sacrifice for get the little everyday things.
The bread is made ​​by hand every day grinding wheat, the plants are watered by hand after several trips to carry buckets of water, in the evening we wash very spartan with the buckets and night the atmosphere is enhanced by the light of oil lamps.
We can say, after a few days, that only the idea of a warm shower can give a feeling of well-being as extreme as even the thought of a soft mattress on which to rest your back .
On the one hand there is the rediscovery of the small pleasures and the other an awareness of how difficult and hard to decide to give up even the most obvious of comfort.”

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Please notice: the translation from italian is made with Google translate button