5th stage of the farm tour. Silvia and Toti now are at San Colombano in the beautiful Valle del Chierico (in the Province of Genova) in a mountainous area 20 km from Chiavari.
Brunella and Guido were greeted with great enthusiasm and warmth. This country reality is a bit ‘different from the others because it still is not a company which derive profit, it is in fact a house bought with so many sacrifices to achieve the dream of living in a simple, genuine, cultivating the land for their livelihoods and recovering the ancient local varieties of fruit and vegetables.(Liguria)
This time they need to work according to the principles of permaculture in gardens and fields within the forest and it was a wonderful experience. It almost seems to be one with nature and work as guardians of this corner of paradise.
The work is concentrated in the cooler hours from 6 am until 10 and a half. The rest of the day is dedicated to meditation, remarried, reading and small chores of the house.
They really wanted a place like this!

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