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Flip & Grow ! Farm tour, Silvia and Toti speaking from Fattoria (farm) Fonte Trocchi (Abruzzo, Italy).

What place creative and full of interesting stuff! Here in Tufillo (village of 400 souls on a hill in the province of Chieti), Nicolas and Federica have managed in two years to turn an old country house and a vacant lot in a place almost self-sufficient (it will be completely in a very short!) . They are two artists who love the earth and a simple lifestyle and sustainable. In their cozy little house there is also space for some of their beautiful works (paintings and reliefs in terra cotta). Together with them we are learning the basics of working with clay and we are creating some vases to hold the grain and started the construction of a bread oven!

Plus of course can not forget the work of the field and we are preparing to hand one hectare for sowing Wheat Senatore Cappelli, Farro and Chickpeas.

What a beautiful landscape, from here you can see the sea!

Please notice: the translation from italian is made with Google translate button

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