Next stop for Love4Globe during their farm tour: Tuscany. This land is giving them landscapes, colors and very special people.

Officinalia is actually a beautiful family full of activities. Every day is full of interesting things to do for our friends Silvia and Toti, they were divided between the honey processing, processing of fruits and vegetables in their laboratory, the collection in the fields, and the care of the many other things to take care of and run. Every morning they went to milk Gaia, the cow that gave them milk for breakfast, yogurt and fresh and tasty cheeses.
They also: harvested prunes and plums and made juice, turned a lot ‘of tomato sauce or canned tomatoes in pieces, cooked and put into jars of caponata , collected the first apples of the season.But other many things were waiting for them!
After the time at The Officinalia, in fact, Silvia and Toti went to San Gimignano and now they are in Populonia (Livorno), more precisely to the beautiful Bay of Baratti.

Here they are working with Frida at the project entitled “Pool of Olmi.” Frida lives right in the middle of the park Etruscan four steps from the sea, an oasis of beauty, tranquility and nature. She tries to revisit the way we live Etruscan By taking inspiration for its agriculture and its products. She lives in a hut of reeds and clay, without electricity (you need a solar panel and a few light bulb in the evening) and the water is its source. Silvia and Toti are learning some green building techniques, which helps in building earthen its future laboratory. They have also worked in the cultivation and processing of hemp (Cannabis sativa) and flax. So two weeks really beautiful and intense refreshed by the proximity of the sea and accompanied by beautiful sunsets.

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