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Sustainable Expo 2015 news: Find your Italy – our travel partner

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Sustainable Expo 2015 News: Find your Italy, the fantastic tour operator is an official partner of Sustainable Expo 2015. 

Find Your Italy is an initiative for tourists eager to see Italy like the locals. As a project partner, I suggest you use this promo code on your booking: SV01.

How often have you wished you knew a little restaurant near your hotel? Or an alternative to the tourist traps in your holiday town? Find Your Italy’s goal is to share the places only the Italians know about when you need it.

Before the trip, they connected you with their network of buddies. Find the ones you’d like to talk to, or read their tips on our website. The team can also recommend places and activities based on your personality and interests.

Once in Italy, you can meet your buddy if you wish or travel on your own. 

Find Your Italy and Sustainable Tourism World believe that travelling is a human experience.
This is the reason why it is so easy to collaborate. The people around you have so much to tell. Your hotelier is a grand-pa of three who likes to walk among the vineyards at sunset to look at his town from the top of the hill. Why not join him tonight? Did you know that the hills between Pavia and Piacenza are full of truffles? One of our buddies can teach you how to find them.

The buddies know roads less travelled, local handcrafters, quirky festivals and friendly hotel owners. They’re passionate about Italy, its culture, history, taste and flavours.

What are you waiting for? Find your next trip and write the promo code on your bookingSV01

Find Your Italy website