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Emotion on the move, Fiemme Valley is glad to propose an eco-friendly and car-free holiday, happy to confirm the importance of offering eco-tourism .

We are such stuff as dreams are made on. This is what William Shakespeare once declared. And perhaps this is the reason why Val di Fiemme, made on forests of balsamic spruces, is dreaming of a car-free tourism.

FiemmE-motion is the project of eco-sustainable traffic that this suntrap valley, in the Dolomites of Trentino, is thinking up.
Shuttles, electric bikes and push scooters, ordinary bikes, efficient buses, ski lifts, pedestrian connections, bike-sharing services and photovoltaic roofing to recharges the bikes. FiemmE-motion involves Val di Fiemme as a whole: Comunità Territoriale, Municipalities, Tourism Board, Hotels, enterprises, craftsmen and sellers.
This idea, already tested in summer 2012, can give the opportunity to the guests of Val di Fiemme to leave their car in the parking spaces of their hotel and move freely by catching the environmental-friendly means of transport and services.

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From June to September 2013, the hotels involved donate the FIEMME-MOTION card, which make tourists travel for free on all buses of the local public transport company Trentino Trasporti, far and wide the dolomitic valleys of Fiemme, Fassa and Primiero, also enjoying a 30% discount when travelling in the boundaries of Trentino. The Card allows free access to urban shuttles, benefits for the bike-sharing service, free admittances to museums and workshops at the Geological Museum of the Dolomites, theme walking and guided hiking in the eco-sustainable places and guided trekking to the Sounding Forest, Mount Nero and Val Cadino. Moreover, you can live the experience of indoor and outdoor climbing walls with expert guides. Transfers are promoted by shuttle buses, trains on roads, special shuttles Fiemme and Fassa Bike Express along the cycle lane and even by horse-drawn carriages. And indeed, from all villages it is possible to start several guided rides (also for e-bikes).

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Therefore, this “recycling-lover” and clean valley of Trentino is paying more and more attention to the quality of life. Fiemme isn’t content with breathing the oxygen that more than 60 millions of trees produce (according to a study by the Tourism Board Val di Fiemme, in the valley there are 20 trees per each tourist). For this reason, when one talks about environmental respect, Fiemme boasts of several records. For example, more than one third of the inhabitants daily relies on thermal or electric energy originated by alternative sources, such as the two big district heating plants and Italy’s largest public photovoltaic plant on the ground. In summer 2013 Val di Fiemme – one of the first Italian resorts for the separate collection of rubbish – might receive its third special Prize as Best Recycling-Lover Italian Municipality, because the incomes are getting more and more stimulating. Winter sports are out in front in the promotion of eco-sustainability. In fact, the Nordic World Ski Championships 2013 embraced the project “Fiemme Vallevviva”, to spread the culture about the environmental and livability safeguard.

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Looking ahead, Fiemme would like to be the first limited-traffic Alpine valley. To reflect upon the horizons that might open up for the inhabitants of the valley and upon which advantages they might obtain in behalf of their livability and lifestyle, the Valley presents the event “Fiemme senz’auto”, on Sunday 9th June 2013. The main road Statale 48 from Cavalese to Predazzo will have no polluting vehicles, but horse-drawn carriages, electric cars and bikes, concerts, games, entertainment activities, tasting, outdoor exhibitions and shows. The only rule will be the use of eco-friendly means of transport like your legs or your bike, roller-blade, push scooter,horse or any other non-polluting means.
This serious choice, in the name of “respecting nature”, finds its home in the majestic Dolomites – that Unesco has recently declared “Natural World Heritage Site” – and between two natural parks: Paneveggio Pale di San Martino and Monte Corno.

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