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Happy hour happy planet

eco lifestyle
Together to become aware consumers: we need small actions to generate big changes.

I would like to talk about green lifestyle happy hour in Milan..this initiative is going to start in April 2011 in Milan during the Salone del mobile.

Happy hour happy planet is an ecologic campaign- conducted by “Fratelli dell’uomo” and supported by “Fondazione Cariplo”- that proposes an eco lifestyle through a sustainable happy hour.

5 among clubs, cafès and bars in 5 Milan’s zones decided to modify their own behaviour: they reduced the consume, started to separate garbage, tried organic food.

Which clubs? Atm bar, Union club, bar Magenta, Rhabar e Turnè.

Further on they will organize exhibitions, screening,  tasting of organic products and a game projected by the European Design institute for inform on how to protect the nature and make appetizer at home.

Our motto is: We love the Earth!!!