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Would you like to offer more sustainable tourism? You should begin with the buildings. Following these good practices, you can make your home greener in one weekend!

1. Replace the weather stripping around all exterior doors. You can quickly reduce our energy consumption by keeping that heated or cooled air inside your domicile with new hither removing that leaks less than that old, worn-out stuff you’ve got on your doors right now. 

2. Clean or replace all of the filters and vents within your system.  Keeping the filters and vents fresh and free of debris is the easiest way to allow air to move through the system more accessible.  This increased efficiency is more sustainable for the environment as well as more sustainable for your wallet.

3. Caulk both interior and exterior window trim. Light isn’t the only thing passing through those old windows of yours.  Air can be travelling into or out of your house through tiny cracks in the old sealant.  A fresh coat will keep the air your essentially paying for inside your place.

4. Go Low-Flow.  New technologies for low-flow showerheads and toilets give you the ability to reduce the amount of water you use without having to suffer from a lack of performance with a shower head that uses less water with increased pressure.

5. Install an Energy Star certified programmable thermostat.

Do you need more info about how to make your home greener? Go visit “Buildinggreener blog.”