Hi everybody!! Yesterday I was looking for new makeup; I hadn’t changed my products since 2007-2008 (I don’t use makeup very much) so I was looking for many things: foundation cream, mascara, blusher, correcting fluid. Of course, I was looking for cruelty-free makeup.

I went to a perfumery near Gravedona, where I live, and I noticed the cosmetics brands don’t show whether or not they are tested on animals.

I was shocked, so I asked the shop assistant and she indicated me the only brand she knows which is not. But this brand doesn’t show the “leaping bunny”, the certification of non-tested, cruelty-free makeup. She told me she is part of LAV, the Italian organization against cruelty towards the animal, so I trusted her. But my question is how can people know and understand if products are not animal-tested if the brand doesn’t show the certification for cruelty-free makeup?

That’s why I am writing about animal testing for cosmetics: I believe everybody should be informed that cruelty-free makeup exists so as to be able to choose what to use.