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Ceará Aquarium rendering - Brazil
Ceará Aquarium – Brazil

Is it possible today to continue on developing not responsible, sustainable or even green buildings? I came across this project while reading about tourism in the Northeastern side of Brazil, the Ceará Aquarium is one of the reasons why Gol Airlines has launched a new direct flight: Fortaleza (Brazil)-Buenos Aires (Argentina) 4600 km distance.

I am wondering if the Ceará Aquarium can be considered at least a green project, but there is a luck of news about that, apparently the project is controverted in both countries: in Brazil, protesters say the aquarium is being built without transparency. They’ve launched a Facebook page in response to the project, which they feel should be secondary to other issues in the country. In the states, people are upset about the expeditiure as well.

Ceará Aquarium Fortaleza Brasil
Night view of Fortaleza

The Aquarium is financed by a US Federal Agency in order to create jobs for small businesses at home.   The benefit for Brazil should be to drive tourism in the state of Ceará after the World Cup.

It seems that Ceará, one of the poorest states in Brazil, is using public money, in part, to construct the aquarium while it has long standing social problems yet to be resolved,” as written on Elizabeth Duffield’s study. Read more here:

Brazil - Fortaleza

In my opinion it is incredible to read this kind of projects now days,  I am aware there are many of them, but I am concerned this Aquarium not only is not a responsible projects considering it doesn’t involve the local community from the beginning, even more it could be a dangerous factor for the whole county if Fortaleza is not ready to host all the expected visitors, I made a research on ecological process or materials in use for the Aquario but I didn’t find any results.


I am also wondering what will happen if the Aquario appeal doesn’t work? For a number of reasons, Duffield reports, Fortaleza lacks the cultural infrastructure to transform so quickly from a regional tourism hub to a global tourism center.

Please if you have more info share it, I’d like to have deep info about, in any case share your opinion. I’d like to have your feedback.

let’s keep in touch 🙂 


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