Corporate Social Responsibility

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Did you know that even the corporate world has been moving towards a more sustainable approach for some years? I am Sara, a consultant for the tourism sector, and on this site, I talk about tourism, sustainability, theory and practical ways to become a more sustainable operator. Before you continue, subscribe to the newsletter if […]

Sustainable Tourism News: Ecotourism Australia 

Sustainable Tourism News: Ecotourism Australia Australian destinations recognised for global tourism sustainability standards Wadandi Pibelmen Country/Margaret River, Western AustraliaImage: Margaret River Discovery Co I am happy to share the press release I received from Ecotourism Australia mentioning two more destinations to achieve the globally recognised standard. Destinations across Australia are driving a national shift toward […]

What are greenhouse gases, and how can we reduce them?


In April (2022) I wanted to explore a topic that is very close to my heart: greenhouse gases, and in particular the relationship between these gases and the phenomenon of climate change. I chose this topic mainly because in the last few months we have been hearing more and more about the concept of carbon […]

Sustainability, liveability and Greenwashing

In February 2022 (before the Russian invasion) I had the chance to enjoy a few days of a well-deserved holiday. I had time to catch up on some of the reports I received between October and January relating to the world of sustainable tourism. A few thoughts came up and I hope to be of […]

Green solutions: the current situation and global and Italian objectives

Green Solutions: the current situation and global Italian objectives Heating and cooling are among the main causes of pollution and climate change. I wanted to find the most interesting green solutions applicable not only to villas or residences but also to condominiums and hospitality.Today I propose the topics I am studying myself and the sources […]

The plastic problem, tourism and unexpected solutions.

Hi! Have you ever heard of plastic and the problems associated with it in tourism and elsewhere? That’s what I’m talking about today: plastics. Let’s try to put the problem in context, compare some proposed solutions and see two practical aspects of plastic for those working in the tourism sector, particularly in hospitality. My name […]

Sustainability according to OTAs online travel agencies

Sustainability according to OTAs online travel agencies The global page reports: “Research shows that travellers want to take meaningful trips with a positive impact – they just don’t always have know-how.” This phrase sums up in a somewhat romantic way the results of research carried out by global in 2020. Some more precise […]

Calculate Carbon Footprint

8 billion trees

A few days ago, I received an email from Hien from with news regarding their carbon footprint calculator launch. At the moment, we are promoting a special awareness campaign. For every person that uses the calculator, we will plant 1 fresh seedling from our Amazon nursery in their name. Why? Because we believe only […]

Accessible and inclusive tourism: tourism for all is possible

Today I am sharing my experience with Hotel Loveno. In June I wanted to do some research into accessibility in Italy, to understand what laws govern it, what the minimum and recommended standards are, and how to improve the welcome at Hotel Loveno for people with these needs. We discovered that Hotel Loveno has many […]