Do you want Make your Home Greener? Here some good practice!

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Would you like to offer more sustainable tourism? You should begin with the buildings. Following these good practices, you can make your home greener in one weekend! 1. Replace the weather stripping around all exterior doors. You can quickly reduce our energy consumption by keeping that heated or cooled air inside your domicile with new hither removing […]

Italian examples of cruelty free cosmetics

l'erbolario logo

Talking about Italian cruelty free cosmetics,   I have to mention two brands I know very well: L’Erbolario and Bottega Verde. L’erbolario doesn’t have makeup cosmetics, whereas Bottega Verde does, but they are very cheap and sometimes people tend to think that they are not very good products. Another point about “Bottega Verde” is that there are […]

Cruelty free makeup – opting for products not tested on animals


Hi everybody!! Yesterday I was looking for new makeup; I hadn’t changed my products since 2007-2008 (I don’t use makeup very much) so I was looking for many things: foundation cream, mascara, blusher, correcting fluid. Of course, I was looking for cruelty-free makeup. I went to a perfumery near Gravedona, where I live, and I noticed the […]