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How to renovate & make your home green (er)

Hello, today I am happy to share this beautiful and useful infographic from, not only because this is a very important topic, but also because I am renovating my home. I am using the advice shared on this infographic to guide my choices and be more aware on how to renovate. Making my place […]

Responsible and sustainable gifts ideas

Hello everybody, after a while thinking about what to give to my loved ones, I have decided to share few responsible and sustainable Christmas gifts ideas. Let me say, the best present ever is always to give time to your family & friends, making cookies for example, but in case you need some other ideas […]

How to be green? With an app for food waste!

green With an app for food waste PareUp

PareUp wants to change the world, as WE want to. How can we be green just using an app? How can an app do that? PareUp connects its users with restaurants and grocery stores to buy excess product, avoiding, in this way, huge food waste. Apparently, this New York-based app developer aims to prevent food […]

3 words linked to biofuel: innovation, sustainable development & food

It is easy to understand where biofuel meets innovation, the more problematic is the link among biofuel, sustainable development and food. As showed in this article biofuel reduces the carbon intensity of commercial flights and it can also reduce particulate matter emissions by 3 percent, addressing the growing problem of air pollution near airports and metropolitan […]

Green lifestyle tips: a Green Home Guide

a Green Home Guide

Helping to save our planet may be more simple than you realise as there are lots of little things you can accomplish at home to help the environment and save you some money. A Green Home Guide produced by Sainsbury’s Home Insurance offers a step-by-step tip to assess your current energy usage at home and make […]