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Cà Felicita is considered an example of sustainable tourism on Lake Como. The owners choose to install 18 square feet of solar panels for hot water production using solar energy. Solar thermal collectors are used in vacuum technology and technically more efficient system for capturing solar energy for the entire year. With the solar system is prevented to enter into some 160 kg of CO2 per sqm of solar installed. The collectors heat a tank of 2000 litres of water for domestic use as well feeding the heating radial floor of 5 apartments. sustainable tourism - Lake Como - Residence Ca Felicita - the dream This technique, which dates back to the ancient Romans, as well as offering a high standard of residential comfort, allow the use of renewable sources of energy at low temperatures. Systems have been used last generation, innovation in materials, reliability and thermal management. The low temperature prevents excessive thermal expansion and circulatory troubles in the lower limbs also favour a gradual and homogeneous distribution of heat. No. 49 installed photovoltaic modules that allow Cà Felicita to: – Produce electricity without emitting pollutants, – Saving of fossil fuel, no noise, The system is designed to visually “zero” being fully integrated. The system operates with a maximum yield of 96% which allows maximum exploitation of the solar generator power.
The building is fully insulated with heat-insulating materials. The property offers a perfect acoustic and thermal insulation. This system offers maximum energy efficiency with significant cost savings. sustainable tourism - Lake Como - Residence Ca Felicita - swimming lake viewCà Felicita used for interior and exterior paints that through the use of natural products and materials that meet the criteria of eco-sustainability to give our house a high ecological level. It also works the system for collecting rainwater for irrigation and leaching of the garden. This saves the municipal water and also reduce the fixed cost structure.

CaFelicita is all about eco-environmental sustainability for a responsible lifestyle

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Ca Felicita, a green accommodation example in Lake Como area