Hi, I am glad to recommend  in the “recommended books” section  this book to read: The next Eco Warriors by Emily Hunter. This book made me reflect on how we are impacting on Earth and most importantly, how can we do better by  simply going head the same way.

book review Next Eco Warriors

Buy The Next Eco-Warriors:
22 Young Women and Men
Who Are Saving the Planet

The people in this book are more or less my age, I found I had so much in common with their concerns, ideas and movements. I found myself to be on my way to being an Eco warrior too, I challenge you dear readers, do you feel the same? What are doing to make a change?

A few facts from both my experience and the book:
– Never give up, even if you are alone for a while, even if there are political and economic pressures, trust me it is worth it
– It is more difficult if you are alone, so go find friend or a colleague to change it
-You probably like improving our world, try to find or create a job about it (which is what I am doing within the tourism sector)
– start local, understand what your community needs and try to help, meanwhile speak global, learn another language (English or Spanish perhaps and if you are not listen to in the classical way try another way (social media, websites, blogs)
– never stop learning, there is so much to be aware of, if we know about issues we can solve them, or at least ask our government to solve them and maybe suggest a way to  do it

Please let me know if you read the book and give me your feedback, I love to exchange opinions and learn from others’ experience!

Sara 🙂


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