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Hello, today I want to share some info from a company I have experienced during my life as tourist and I always felt innovative in its approach to sustainability and responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility in tourism industry in Spain NH Hotel.

Latin American Prize for Corporate Responsibility NH
Latin American Prize for Corporate Responsibility NH

Founded in 1978 in Spain, NH Hotels ranks as one of the most important hotel firms. Nowadays, employing 20.000 workers and running 400 hotels in 26 different countries, NH is one of the top 25 hotel chains in the world and one of the main ones in Europe.

Moreover, the company is listed on the stock exchange market of Madrid since 1997 and it is the only Spanish firm in the FTSE4GOOD for CSR, and its business model is aimed at finding potential opportunities that contribute to the sustainable development of the firm, in order to be constantly growing in a responsible manner.

As one of the leaders in the urban hotel industry both nationally and internationally, NH Hotels has often needed to choose between profits and social responsibility. Some ethical challenges in which the company is involved are:

1.Contribute to protect the environment.
2. Build positive relationships with the communities in which NH operates.
3.Invest in employees’ training and education.
4. Engage other parties of the supply chain with their commitment.

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Corporate Social Responsibility csr image NH hotel
Corporate Social Responsibility csr image NH hotel


Only a quick look to their website is enough to understand they are investing in sustainability, responsibility and innovation.  Reading it let discover that the chain has been awarded with a list of recognition for the following categories: employees, customers, shareholders, environment, society, & corporation reputation.

One of the most important achievement is the  Outstanding Achievement  Award in 2013  from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) for NH’s excellent sustainability commitment.

2. NH Hotel website:



Best practice in CSR – something for you to copy
One important choice from CSR Management is the review of  its Code of Conduct with the aim of making it part of the company’s Corporate Social Respon-sibility philosophy and policies, emphasizing all of those aspects which define ethical behaviour.

3. NH Hotel website Code of conduct

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