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Italian sustainable development: the Gargano project

tourism a tool for sustainable development in Italy

Tourism is an opportunity of sustainable development for local economy such as farming and craftsmanship, for improvement for districts and landscapes, for ancient sites’ rehabilitation at the cost of state of neglect,  for ancient districts and mountain little lands and enhancement of traditions. Italy is known as a big cultural country given that 4.500 cultural […]

Italy: rural tourism and sustainable tourism job

sustainable tourism job:Typical Italian farm holiday

Italy:rural tourism and sustainable tourism job In recent years, attention to rural and environmental issues has grown. According to the sustainable use of resources, generating assets through a rural holiday or slow tourism is possible. A need to estrange by city life that’s in great demand. Here is an analysis of its effects. Today, rural tourism […]

sustainable tourism in Italy

sustainable tourism: An example of excursionism in Italy

Italy is characterized a lot of local beauties such as art and nature. But do tourists pursue both equally? Unfortunately, there’s a clear favorite: while art and architecture draw waves of tourists to historic centers, Italy’s natural treasures are still enjoyed by only a small number of travelers. So, I’m here to focus on Italian sustainable […]

Fast Post Expo 2015: a sustainable project in Arexpo

Post Expo 2015 Arborvitae - Sustainable Expo

One year after Milano Expo 2015, we are here to talk again about it. “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” slogan based on food sustainability, energies and innovation. So, for this year Expo replies with new projects.  This summer 2016, Expo has a new sustainable meaning: a requalification project, well situated between Rho Fiera and Milan. The Arexpo, public […]

Carbone negative travel: Around the World in a sustainable way with Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2

 It seemed to be possible only in science fiction stories, instead, to travel on a sustainable aircraft powered by alone solar energy it’s feasible today. I am talking about the Solar Impulse 2 model, an aircraft perfected after many years of engineering studies. Fascinated by the hard work to realize it and by its environmental effects maybe one day […]