A day at Cinque Terre National Park – Italy

At the beginning of June, I have visited with my family the beautiful #CinqueTerreNationalPark and UNESCO world heritage site in #Italy.

Cinque Terre National Park - Cappellini vineyard

Our tour has begun in Volastra (a lovely locality of Corniglia) where we visited a winery, tasting their wine and observing the vineyards where between huge difficulties a great satisfaction they grow up a very tasty and local grape. They prefer not to use any different grapes but the locals and I assure their Cinque Terre DOP it is very good! this is a very stunning but also very hard land and it is necessary to work it and create the typical terraces not only because they are charming but also because this is the only way to prevent landslides and subsidence of the land.


So it is very important to support and choose winery who take care of the land where their grapes are and continue to produce in a natural and traditional way as much as possible to not devastate the environment!

For all those reasons if you like to taste the wine and to take a guided tour I really suggest to visit them the Azienda Agricola Capellini Luciano – Cinque Terre  Capellini – Casata dei  Beghee.



After this stop we started our walk on the path n 6 we decided only to go to Corniglia a short walk (around 2 hours) between a stunning landscape and a lush nature where is possible to find a hostel, some shops selling local products and where is possible to catch the train to Vernazza and Monterosso.

A day at Cinque Terre National Park

To be honest  I preferred this part of my visit into Cinque Terre National Park. Vernazza is very famous and nice but in my opinion Corniglia is exactly the place I could choose to do sustainable tourism.

Cinque Terre National Park Italy - the path 6

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