Planning my work at the North Devon Biosphere Reserve

Hi Everybody! I woukd like just let you know what I am doing in North Devon, more or less what mean to me be a tourism consultant of an area like this one.

Today I discuss with my boss and we found interesting things to do. I proposed many things and after the discussion we agree about what to do! Below the complete list I proposed.

North Devon Sustainable Tourism suggestions
Sustainable Tourism projects to help promote and develop more sustainable way to do tourism

– Create a database with all sustainable tourism offer

– Make a change into the North Devon Biosphere Reserve website, it should be renovated thinking maybe more divided in sectors: one part more professional with project details ect, one part more touristic with information about eco tourism and link to others tourist websites and one part dedicated to local community and insert a page for news and events but with a blog that is possible to use also for all the social network.

– Increase social network use ( I am looking for a free of charge program which could help) and also try to be more active and try to involve more people maybe creating an you tube account, flickr account, google+, pinterest.

– Think if can be useful insert some more eco activities into the and others websites. Because into greentraveller website are already there articles from their blog about the tarka trail and the Lundy island but there is any holiday offer to do that, can some travel agents try to propose it? Are they willing to promote the area where they live?

– About sustainable businesses, why don’t involve them with a questionnaire about their opinion of sustainability, biosphere reserve, ect? (the right time to ask them probably would be after the middle of September till first week of October) . This is a double gain: involved and promote the biosphere aim to the businesses at the same time.

Things to do, to organise or to suport by the Biosphere team (how the biosphere team can promote the biosphere, involve local community (for example volunteers) , businesses and involving tourists as well)

– To involve local producers why don’t organise “degustazioni” or in English “thematic Food taste” (I suppose), for example different kinds of cheese or mushrooms or meat or jam or beers (I’d love to taste these last two); furthermore could be nice organise some course of traditional Devon cuisine or dessert specialties, something is possible to learn in a couple of days to allow tourists attending it.

– To involve local artists why don’t organize as a partners, a commemoration of the past local history? And let the past became alive again for this special occasion maybe is possible to ask grandparents to help us with memories ect; and also do you promote or are you partner of some artist studio, network, associations ect? Why don’t organise an exhibition or be part of one already done as artist of North Devon biosphere?

Tourism development (more difficult and long projects to develop)

– Is or was North Devon area a location for movies or books? Is there any film commission? If not why don’t try also this path, if yes why don’t think about a partnership?

Eco museum: what is ecomouseum (see page “Ecomuseum introduction” ) the biosphere reserve can promote it and be the major part of it, the coordinator for example.

Albergo Diffuso: what is the Albergo Diffuso (see last article about AD i published: “Québec and Albergo Diffuso” where the AD is very well presentend). The Biosphere Reserve can promote it, be part of the partnership who work to develop the tourism program or could be the coordinator and also can help the owners with the building renovations: for example the biosphere team should suggested what kind of renewable energy is better to use and which traditional materials are recommended.

– Increase signs number of signs made with natural and local material maybe can be ok ( I know this is very difficult but it is a suggestions from also some tourists)

What I am doing? I am creatig the database and start tide up the  website contant, I need a little bit of space to insert ecotourism offers and what’s up? or news and also I am trying to make some contact with local community from the socialnetwork:
stamp maschera database x blog

What’s next?? create some thematic package to promote the areas as if we need to be part of the greentravellers website and start the proposal for ecomuseum project.

And local producers and artists to verify if the Biosphere team can be more involved in food festival, commemorations. Verify also if Devon cousine course are avaiable also for tourists and how much involved is the Biosphere with exibiton and local artist. Send questionnaires for businesses to understand how they feel in relation with the biosphere, do they know, they are living in a Biophere Area? How do they feel about that?

Next again?? Try to propose a new tourism: location of books and movies in North Deveon and also a new accommodation models: Albergo Diffuso.

But I know I can only start the study about Ecomuseum and Albergo Diffuso, a study that can became the proposal to ask a grant and realized the project but maybe is possible to do something more with film locations tourism.

It’s quite interesting that every change I can make start with tide up and understand what is already going!



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